National Third prize winner

Mpangui Yha Tchya



It is very common since the pandemic to see people rummaging through garbage containers in search of food, many of these are young women accompanied by children, exposed to physical and emotional health problems and abuse, which undermines human dignity.
Our mission is to train and employ these women who live on the streets to work in community gardens, using unused spaces in communities, schools and authorized public spaces and encourage the creation of small businesses with the garden (source of income and food).
Our objective is the organic production (composting) with the help of the biodigestor that will produce biofertilizer and biogas minimizing the climatic impact. The project will contribute to making communities, production and consumption sustainable (SDG 11, 12).
We also plan to achieve more green areas in urban areas.

Quick facts

  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Angola
  • 4

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  • Liliane Machado: Fundadora; Biológa; PhD Em Entomologia. Roberto Machado: CO-Fundador; Director Técnico; Interpréte (francês-português). Jesuelma Lisboa: Formada Em Análises Clinicas E Saúde Pública; Gestora De Projecto. Vicente Kimbamba: Engenheiro Agrónomo, Responsável Pelas Formações.

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