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Multus Media

Creating a low-cost, animal-free growth medium for cultured meat.


Current animal agriculture is highly unsustainable, it is one of the biggest contributors to climate change (≈15%, 2016) and has a significant resource uptake. Our technology aims to assist the more sustainable alternative, Clean Meat, in becoming accessible by reducing the cost of culture media dramatically. Lab grown meat requires approximately 46% less energy, 93% less land, 99% less water and produces 90% less GHG (CO2eq) than traditional agriculture based on research. Our vision is to help the world replace 10% of total meat consumption by 2030, helping us achieve the 1.5 degrees Celsius goal adopted by IPCC.
Currently, growth media used in the cellular agriculture are either animal-based or expensive, thus limiting their widespread use. We aim to innovate by producing an environmentally sustainable growth medium that is both low-cost, animal-free, and adaptable for a range of cellular applications.


  • 2019

    Female Founders Award Winner

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