National First prize winner

MycoFiltro (by TransitionHERO)

Valorization of fish wastewater into sustainable proteins (fungi and algae)


MycoFiltro is a cutting-edge process aiming to close the loop for aquaculture industry. This modular bio-filter system can be installed to existing land-based fish farms, to recover nutrients from fish wastewater and convert them into sustainable proteins.

Wastewater from a fish tank is pumped through two compartments: 1) mycelium bed and 2) microalgae bioreactors, where these two microorganisms break-down contaminants and consume nutrients (e.g. nitrates and phosphates) to grow into mushrooms and micro-algae that can then be sold for human consumption and as a substitute to fish feed.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Food
  • The Netherlands
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  • Andreas Kangari - Product Innovator / Petra Beris - Project Manager / Stef Clevers - Business Developer / Adam Fontaine - Process Engineer / Yannick Yekman - Mechanical Engineer-

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