National Third prize winner


Naki convert sludge form the food industry to pure feedstock for the bio refinery.


We are helping to two industries: food industry and biorefinery.
For the food industry we help to solve problem of annually 65M ton of sludge that today dispose by landfill.
To the biorefinery that produce SAF/ Advanced Biodiesel/ HVO we offer local feedstock with high quality and daily suppling . we believe that not necessary to manage the feedstock of the biorefinery seven month before and ship it thousands of kilometers like it works today .
the opportunity that Naki offer by the new technology is create thousands of new sources of feedstock for biorefinery all over the contrary and supply with shipping no longer than 150Km.
with the new technology and the limited shipping we helps the EU to save more than 4.5K of Co2 for every ton of waste that we take care and help to care locally to the waste.

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  • 2023 Participant
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  • Israel
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