National First prize winner

Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd.

Nanolabs provides "nano" solution in electrochemical energy storage and environmental challenges.


Li-ion battery dominates the rechargeable battery market. However, the problem with this type of battery is that it has a high tendency to explode and this had already caused damage to properties and lives. Nanolabs is introducing to you a safe, eco-friendly, economical, and sustainable rechargeable Zinc Ion Battery that could reduce the carbon dioxide emission by up to 40%. Our deal is to provide our product to electronic companies via a B2B marketing strategy. The price of our Zinc ion coin cell battery is around 1 Euro per piece, and this is 3x cheaper than the commercially available Li-ion coin cell battery that typically costs around 3-7 Euro per piece. The coin cell battery market will grow up to 96.22 Billion Euro by 2025. To take advantage of this growing trend, we will partner with 319 electronic companies here in the Philippines, expand to South East Asia where there are 4620 electronic companies, and grow globally in partnership with the leading electronic companies.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Philippines
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  • Dr. Ryan D. Corpuz, The CEO, Dr. Lyn Marie Corpuz, The CTO, Engr. Chirlian De Juan, The CIO, And Carlo Jay Corpuz, The Information Specialist

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