National Second prize winner


Sustainable and cost-effective process for advanced metal-based materials


Our company, Nanomox, has developed a process (patent pending) which is sustainable, low energy, and competitively priced to fabricate metal-based particles, including Zinc Oxide. This offers a paradigm shift from existing processes used to fabricate Zinc Oxide; the high energy requirements and poor quality products of many existing production methods and products are addressed. Beyond our environmentally-benign technology, our process is easily adaptable. It can tune the structure of the particles to address application-driven property requirements. As a company focused on reducing overall environmental impact through changing raw material manufacturing, we are equally dedicated to seeing our impact cascade. This includes through the products using our raw material and use of recovered zinc as much as possible. In our first leap into the market, we are taking on the personal care sector to use our sustainably produced Zinc Oxide. This will protect our oceans and our skin.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • UK-England
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  • Francisco Malaret (CEO), Kyra Sedransk Campbell (CTO) And Jason Hallet (COO)

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