National Second prize winner

Nanoplastech Inc

Fueling eco- world with energy and building materials from waste plastics and organic materials


Nanoplastech Inc. is a startup waste recycling and management company with a green-tech methodological approach on complete conversion of ALL CLASSES of waste plastic materials, glass materials, paper materials, wood materials, some organic waste materials and other carbonaceous materials into clean energy fuel and other eco-friendly products of interest such as building materials. The technological know-how of the processes involved and streamlined green-tech approach adopted is our advantage in handling these environmental pollutant waste materials. All our processes and final products supports climate change mitigation approaches and contribute zero or no new carbon emissions to the environment.

Quick facts

  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • saint lucia
  • 3

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  • Patrick Eze Is The Founder, Product Research, Development And Productions Operations Director. Bernard Jean Is The Accountant (on Contractual Arrangement With Nanoplastech Inc.) .Patricia Eze Is A Co-founder, Market Research And Products Sales Director

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