National First prize winner

NanoWeld Textile

Using nanotechnology for a stronger and lighter carbon fiber textile


Carbon Fiber Textiles are used more and more in transportation due to their high strength-weight ratio compared to metals.
At NanoWeld, we use nanotechnology to make Carbon Fiber even stronger and even lighter.

NanoWeld takes current carbon fiber textiles, stitches and welds them with reinforced nano-fibers, resulting in a material that is 260% stronger than current carbon fiber textiles and overall 30% lighter.

These properties are achieved with JUST a simple add-on to the existing Textile production lines.

NanoWeld Textile structure creates a scalable interconnected network that transfers loading much more effectively. This structure has been inspired by Nature, imitating the harmonic structure of feathers, which serve Nature for millions of years so far.

We license our method to Carbon Fiber Textile manufacturers charging per square meter sold to end-users.


Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Cyprus

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  • Vassilis Drakonakis (Composites Expert); Natasa Toumasou (Business Administration Expert); Katerina Sofocleous (Composites Expert); Evelthon Iacovides (Senior Economist);

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