The Next Wheel

Car wheels need 70% less rubber and lasts 3x longer


The idea is to produce environmentally friendly wheels and tires for cars, trucks and buses – “The Next Wheel”.

Our solution
• Needs 70% less rubber,
• Lasts 3x longer,
• 3x more stable in curves and
• 50% less rolling resistance, because stronger design allows for ½ the width
• Safes 10% power.
• Better traction
• Never flat tires
• No air pressure problems
• Free of charge by the savings

Conventional tires have a two-fold purpose:
1. Dampen up and down motion within the rubber tire
2. Contact with the drive-way

The main drawbacks of conventional tires are:
• They can go flat and become hazardous for your safety
• They are under constant strain and deforming from the driving force which is converted into heat which makes them wear down faster
• The sun adds to the heat buildup so tires can become very hot and wear fast down
• Air pressure problem occurs frequently

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Iceland

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  • ClimaTires Inc And Member Name Is Grimur Laxdal Founder.

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