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Reduce 57% of emission from aviation by avoiding contrail formation


Contrails, short for condensation trails, are the line-shaped clouds that you sometimes see behind airplanes. They form when water vapor in the air condenses around tiny particles of soot and other pollutants emitted by airplane engines. Contrails can persist as cirrus clouds for minutes to hours, acting as heat traps at night and reflecting sunlight during the day. An IPCC report stated that contrail clouds contribute about 35% of aviation’s overall global warming impact. By combining massive quantities of weather data, satellite data, and flight data, AI can create state-of-the-art predictions of when and where contrails are likely to form just like turbulence, icing, and storms. Pilots and dispatchers can then use this information to adjust the altitudes of their flights.

With this valuable information at hand, our software continuously provides updated alternative routes to pilots every 30 minutes. Pilots can then choose the most suitable route during the pre-flight procedure.

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  • Omar Nuruzade - CEO, Sanan Chaharkama - CTO, Gular Ismayilova - CFO, Dilbar Aliyeva - CMO, Araz Shafiyev - Researcher, Rasul Amirov - Researcher

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