A home designed for the way you actually live.

Millennials are in need of living accommodations that better suite their lifestyle- small footprint housing that has the ability to grow as their needs grow, and move where they move.
Current apartments and houses don’t offer that freedom, forcing people to rent and spend more money in the long-term, or to buy and be tied down to specific place and size. We plan to tackle this problem by changing the way housing is perceived.
We offer studio type housing units, which at first are placed in multi-storey racks. The individual units are made to be taken out when needed, moved to a different rack or freestanding location and to be expanded with additional different application units. The studio type housing unit serves as a base for expansion up to 200 square meters.

  • “NIDO”

  • peteris.lidacis@gmail.com
  • Pēteris Līdacis (CEO), Mārtiņš Smilts (architect), Jānis Zaltāns (COO), Annija Spēka (CMO), Artūrs Drebots (CTO).

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