National Third prize winner

NOF – Natural Offset Farming

A novel CO2 cooling for in field post-harvest treatment


NOF is an Israeli Climate Tech that has developed an advance cooling technology, designed for novel post-harvest treatment, starting at the field level.
NOF shifts CO2 from the emitters to the field, by addressing farmer’s cooling needs. The company is creating a new and immediate avenue for CO2 utilization and decarbonization by working in the agriculture setting, enhancing photosynthesis and extending shelf life.
Today, the need for advanced post-harvest treatments is a major concern, where substantial food loss throughout the supply chain is a major problem.
NOF offers a novel solution for this global challenge, by introducing a post-harvest in-field treatment, combining cooling technology and CO2 enrichment, which is mobile, accessible, and inexpensive. The solution dramatically increases the shelf life of fresh produce by extending marketing time window of high-quality fruits. NOF showcases negative carbonic impact, as well as addressing 8 different SGD’s.

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  • 2023 Participant
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  • Ishay Hadash - CEO ; Yoni Ben Zaken - CBO; Yair Hadash - COO; Netanel Eitan - VP Engineering

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