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Fish, vegetables and livestock farming through a climatesmart enclosed farm


The Pain: Climate change, desertification of farmland,food security, food safety and water shortages are central to our future on the planet especially in arid and semi-arid regions such as South Africa. Coupled with a ever increasing population in an environment finite resources remains a key pain for mankind must be solved. Overall, the production of high quality all year round food with the highest efficiency is perhaps the single most important priority at present and going forward. Our solution-Nu farms address food security issues by cultivation of fish, vegetables and farming livestock in climate-smart integrated environmentally aware food production facilitates for selected areas that have unmet market demand for fresh produce and meats. Nufarms multi loop system combines the most advance sub-elements of aquaponics, livestock, and insects farming technology ensuring optimal and adequate growth conditions for both animals and plants. Nufarms pedagogical farm tours for community

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Ms.Palesa Sesing- Crop Specialists,Mr.Tatenda Jumo-CEO,Mike Tsira-livestock Specialists, Kumbirai Jumo-IT Specialists, Moses Sibanda-Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement Officer, And Mr.Morapedi Mohapi-Engineer

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