National Second prize winner


We turn bike rides into carbon credits.


Thousands of people use bicycles for transportation and work, avoiding GHG emissions, generating carbon credits that could be traded on the voluntary market and generating financial returns.
NullCarbon records mileage of bicycle travel on blockchain, turns it into carbon credit, sells on the voluntary market and returns part of the value to users.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Brazil
  • 5

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  • Erivaldo Carneiro - PhD In Business Administration - Founder And CEO; Fabiola Rezende - Co-founder & Sustainability - MSc. Environment & Resource Management; Felipe Mascarenhas - Co-founder & Marketing Business Management; Rafael Lopes - Co-founder & Technology Digital Business Specialist; Eurico Carneiro - Co-founder & Finances Accountant & Finance Specialist

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