National Third prize winner

NuOceans Ltd.

NuOceans: Cleaning the oceans, one pair at a time!


Less than a handful of companies worldwide use foam plastic waste as raw materials. We have designed a model that not only cleans the environment but also avoids further pollution: circular economy model for the manufacture of flip flops. We recuperate ocean plastics for the making of new flip flops and provide a recuperation scheme for worn pairs to avoid our products contributing to further pollution. On top of being an environmentally-friendly alternative, our products offer comfort and durability making them the best choice for eco-conscious customers. To address the root of the problem: consumerism, we offer a children’s story book made from recycled materials raising awareness of plastic pollution and inspiring younger generations into taking action. Profits from this book will go back into sponsoring beach cleans and education program

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • UK-England
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  • Flavio Affinito, Terence Chung & Hadrien Lejeune (Co-founders)

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