National Second prize winner


The MBB-Fox® device for sustainable catch of microplastics and suspended particles.


Currently, wastewater treatment companies (WWTC) use technologies to catch suspended particles (solids and molecules i.e. nutrients, organic matter, fibres, and phosphate) included microplastics that are not yet neither environmental nor economic sustainable . NuReCo’s Team has developed a device, the MBB-Fox® system, that makes this catch sustainable. Since, it does not need pre-treatments neither addition of extra chemicals other than the flocculant, and it generates reusable residues. Its technology is based on a unique mixing mode that facilitates the aggregating properties of a flocculant that clumps together suspended particles present in the sludge to form strong floc. MBB-Fox® is easy to scale and performs at both continuous and batch systems. For € 0.015/m3 influent a WWTC can perform sustainably, safe, and with care.

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  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • The Netherlands

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  • Maria Briglia, Inventor And Co-founder; Olmo Middeldorp, Technical Support And Co-founder; Peter Middeldorp, Senior Advisor And Co-founder.

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