National First prize winner


Biodegradable single use straws


Plastic is well known as the new thread. The challenge to abandon single use plastic products is being encouraged, with straws to be one of the main products to be demolished. How can this become a fact, when there is great use of it these days and in some cultures, a necessity to enjoy the every day cold coffee or drink?
We are offering an alternative to plastic straws! – O – straws are made 100% by natural organic materials, using a mixture of wheat, natural resin and our secret formula, using organic leftovers such as peals from carrots and potatoes. A natural blend that can be used once and then thrown away without feeling guilty about it.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food
  • Cyprus

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  • Alexandros Ioannou Peletie - Circular Economy Expert, Constantinos Kkailis - Operational Manager

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