The O2 Wall, here to mark your cities safe to breathe again


With rising urbanization and increasing land value, many find themselves in a position to neglect on-ground green cover in the hopes that they will eventually build something on it. It’s perfect from a real estate point of view but what about climatically? Wouldn’t it be better to leave the ground space for building upward and use the vertical spaces for your green cover? O2W(all) is here to provide you just that. Whether it’s a new construction or a retrofitting to an old one, with the O2 Wall moss panel you will be able to provide a CO2 sink with just a simple wall. Stay tuned to find out how we make that happen in the harsh climate of Peshawar, Pakistan!

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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Pakistan

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  • Sonaila Qazi: Architect, Founder, Head Developer; Muhammad Wasay Ijaz: Graphic Designer, Finance And Marketing; Ar Abdullah Omar: Architect, Advisor

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