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Oleatex is a plant-based leather produced from olive industry wastes.


Oleatex is a plant-based, 100% vegan and a sustainable leather.

Although animal leather is advocated as, “a by-product of the meat industry”, it is a huge problem in itself as the biggest environmental pollutant of all materials. Artificial leather, which is marketed as vegan leather nowadays, has the highest negative environmental impacts among synthetic materials.

We committed ourselves to finding a sustainable and scalable solution and developed a “better leather”. Oleatex;
– is certified by USDA and DIN as a 63% bio-based product while refusing to use resources with nutritional valur,
– puts industrial wastes into production and doubles the environmental benefit it creates.
– is designed to be produced in high quantities with current techniques.

We obtain all the waste, our raw material, from local sources. All these make Oleatex the strongest material in the market by overcoming the problems regarding sustainability, cost and production capacity.

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  • Seçkin Arıkan | Business Development & Sustainability Director
  • oleatex.com/

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