One Cherry

Online marketplace for charity shops.


One Cherry aims to reinvent the charity shopping experience by creating an online marketplace in an app, which will host and display the current stock of all charity shops. We make the charity shopping experience more convenient and accessible to the customer, ultimately increasing the revenue of the charity shops, promoting circular economy thus supporting the great work done by the charities.

One Cherry has a significant contribution to the environment and sustainability as well as a positive impact on the local community. Firstly, it raises an awareness and attracts more people to join the circular economy revolution while contributing to the reduction of waste and energy consumption. From our beachhead market alone (150 shops) we expect to reduce 27,300 tons of CO2 emissions per year, which is equal to 3,900 UK residents annual emissions.

The retail clothes e-commerce trend is still ongoing with more and more consumers switching to online shopping. We aim to ride this trend and make it easier for people to switch from the “take, make, dispose” model to the more sustainable one “make, use, return”, which produces 99% less emissions. Secondly, we help charity shops  raise  more money for  good causes, such as shelter for homeless, cancer research, care for children and older people.

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  • 2018

    The Environment Now

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