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Organofuel Sweden AB

Green technologies for sustainable conversion of wood waste to pharmaceuticals & advanced materials


Did you know that when papers are produced today, 30% of the tree is incinerated in the process as we don’t have technologies that can valorize this precious material? Inspired by this challenge, we at Organofuel Sweden have developed a world patented technology that allows the transformation of biomass and forest waste into high value products. Products that can be produced through our eco-friendly process are for instance biomaterial and biofuel but also higher value specialty chemicals that can be used in the food, cosmetic or pharma industry.

By using a green technology, we replace oil-based products into renewable products by using sustainable raw materials. Our process uses no pressure and low temperatures, thus making our innovation highly cost-efficient. This innovation has been protected with 5 world patents.

Our technology platform allows us to be active in several business area (biofuel, fine chemicals and biomaterial). Through close collaboration with our clients we have found that a highly interesting market is the pharmaceutical market. Consequently our market focus lies on making pharma products as there is a great demand for a compound called Capsaicin. This is found in chili but has a lot of beneficial applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

The extraction of Capsaicin from chili is however not efficient and as such on the world market only 1200 ton of capsaicin can be produced on a yearly basis. Given that the total demand for capsaicin is 5000 ton there is a great demand (4000 ton) for high quality capsaicin on the world market.
This is something that we at Organofuel Sweden can provide to costumers with an excellent quality. High purity capsaicin can be sold for more than 320 000 SEK per kg and is a such as expensive as gold.

It is no doubt that if we want to create a sustainable world we need to reduce our dependence on fossil oil. While many solutions have been presented e.g. in the field of biofuel, they use raw materials that compete with our food consumption (soja, ethanol from sugarcanes etc). Consequently many solutions are not actually that sustainable and as such new technologies are required. In this context has Organofuel Sweden developed a technology platform that uses the next generation sustainable raw materials in our processes, i.e. biomass and forest waste material. With respect to the latter, can Organofuel Sweden convert waste material from the paper and pulp industry (called lignin) into biofuel, biomaterial and fine chemicals. This does not compete with our society’s food consumption and since it uses renewable raw materials it is estimated to be highly sustainable. In this context has studies by Borregaard (Norwegian company) shown that you can reduce the CO2 emission with up to 90% in the production of fine chemicals by using lignin instead of fossil oil as starting material.


  • 2017

    "SKAPA Award"

  • 2017

    "Sundsvall Business Awards"

  • 2017

    Venture Cup Sweden

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  • Armando Cordova, Co-founder. Samson Afewerki , Co-founder. Italo Sanhueza, Co-founder & CEO. Luca Deiana, Co-founder & Research leader. Anna Svantes, Business developer. Anders Niclazon, Board member & Sales & Marketing. Claes-Göran Beckeman, Board member.

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