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We develop Smart Labels for reducing food waste.


Oscillum is a biotechnology company that focus its activity on the food safety industry. We are developing smart label that once placed in contact with fresh food such as fish and meat it will measure the status of that product and will notify consumers whether their food is edible or not by a simple color change.
Our idea is to develop a more efficient system to prevent food wasting. Our labels are biodegradable, is versatile because it works into the packaging and once it is open and is very easy to use and to understand.
Organizations all over the globe such as FAO have estimated that the third part of the total food production is wasted every year. Up to 60% of the food wasting occurs at a household level. This means more than 3,500 million tons of CO2 that is realised to the atmosphere.
We want to save up to 40% of these total emissions in a more efficient way to stop food wasting by using our smart label, because we will improve the optimization of resources.

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Spain
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  • Pablo Sosa - Co-founder & CEO; Pilar Granado - Co-founder & CTO; Luis Chimeno - Co-founder & CMO

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