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In OsmoForest our vision is to make urban gardening easier for the everyday citizen and at the same time utilizing less space and more natural rainwater.
Our product is a modular tube system that collects rainwater, and uses it for growing plants in vertical space, inspired by bamboo trees. Place a few on your balcony and you will have a green space that won’t take much of your limited area; or create a community rooftop garden by putting several tubes together resembling an urban forest!

Many cities, such as Athens, are experiencing issues with heat island effect. Bringing more plants into the city will help in mitigating this effect. It is hard for normal citizens to find space in small apartments and it can be hard to keep the plants healthy. With our products we hope to make it easier for citizens to hold plants by optimizing use of rainwater, and we also hope to provide cities a low maintenaince and creative way to introduce plants into the city landscape.

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  • Urban Transitions
  • Denmark

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  • Marco Mangayayam, Sanghamitra Bhattacharjee And Steen J. Østergaard

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