Connect companies to high-impact forestry projects


Our project consists in empowering high-impact forestry projects to self-finance with carbon credits.

How do we achieve it? By creating a free platform for over-the-counter forest carbon credits exchange.

Why a web platform? To connect directly the local actors to the polluters who wish to offset their business’ footprint.
It is an effective way to offer these local projects visibility to their front-line contribution to climate change mitigation.

Why promoting forestry projects? Trees consisting in 50% of carbon, they represent one of the best manners to extract the carbon of the air, sequestrating it in the form of CO2. The Kyoto protocol recognizes this fact and calls for tree planting as one of the options to be favored in the reduction of CO2 emissions: UN action plan REDD+ has become the leading initiative in matter of reforestation and many crucial deadlines will be met in 2015

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Switzerland

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