First Class Shuttle Service for Commuters


Employers in metropolitan areas fail to find employees to live within a reasonable distance of their location. Due to the increasing growth of cities, real estate prices are rising. It is hardly possible to find affordable housing in the city area.
The result: Around 1.8 million people in Germany drive 60 km and more by car every day.

The consequences for the employees: Little sleep from getting up early, stress due to traffic jams and almost no time for recreation and family. They spend more than ten hours per week on the road.

OXO gives people their time back: A first-class shuttle allows to relax, get some private things done or even work productively. This increases the attractiveness of the employer and the productivity of the employees.

There are even more winners:
The environment: An OXO shuttle can carry up to 20 people at the same time. This means up to 19 cars less on the road for every shuttle that emit CO2. Related to the 1.8 Million long distance commuters in Germany t

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