Sustainable Packaging made from Jute


Plastics and synthetic materials harm our environment since decades and put a strain on the whole ecosystem and every individual. With the developing e-commerce sector we are facing another problem of too much plastic waste in packaging. PackItGreen develops and provides insulating packaging made from jute as a sustainable alternative to styrofoam. As B2B business we offer our packaging solution to online-shop providers, who sell and ship sensible goods e.g. food to the end customer. These goods have to comply with certain temperature values during their transport to the customer. Therefore many sellers use styrofoam as a simple yet cheap packaging solution. PackItGreen accomplished to developed a solution which is 100% compostable as it is made from the natural resource jute. While having the same qualities as styrofoam: the material is insulating, moisture controlling and shock-absorbing, we want to ban unnecessary plastics from the e-commerce sector.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food
  • Germany

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  • Alexandra (CEO), Max (Product Development), Angelo (Reseach & BizDev), Thorge (Sales & Advidor)

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