PalleTech, finalist Poland

PalleTech combines the reusability of wooden pallets with the recyclability of paper pallets and adds modularity on top.


At October 8, 2014 the National Final in Poland took place. PalleTech was appointed as one of the finalists to represent Poland in Valencia.


What is PalleTech about?

While considered to be a key invention of the 20th century in materials handling, pallets have remained essentially unchanged for the last 50 years. PalleTech stems from a masters research at the University of Cambridge where we have developed a modular transportation paper pallet that has the structural properties similar to pine wood.

Its modularity results in Top of Forrerersjsdfnksnsup to 70% storage space savings compared to conventional European pallets when not in use. Our pallet combines the reusability of wooden pallets with the recyclability of paper pallets and adds modularity on top. This triple benefit creates 70% less CO2 emissions compared to wooden pallets and can decrease the pallet rental costs by as much as 40%.


What valuable feedback did the national Jury give you?

The main concern was that pallets are notoriously low-margin business and that it is hugely fragmented, with thousands of players. The Jury gave us the feedback was that we need to differentiate our concept and thus not trying to be cheaper than others, but to add much more value than others.


What was your first thought when you heard that you’re in CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Finals?

Relief that we’ve succeeded and that the effort, time, and money we put in, paid off.

Excitement because we realized that this opportunity can change our lives. Being able to get support from an organization such as Climate-KIC would be an unparalleled step forward in our quest to revolutionize the pallet industry.


What are your expectations of the Innovation Festival?

Climate-KIC’s Innovation Festival has a wide host of events that will give us a feel on how to accelerate an idea or venture into becoming a business and tackle climate change at the same time.


Our dream

Our dream is to revolutionize the pallet industry through effective innovation and added intelligence.



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  • 2014 Participant
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