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CO2 to fuel technology


CO2 is the single largest waste product emitted from human activities. Yearly CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are approximately 100 times the total weight of all the people on Earth. Unfortunately, even if the development of renewable technologies follow the most optimistic scenario, it won’t reverse the climate impact of the CO2 already emitted, because the lifetime of CO2 in the atmosphere reaches up to hundreds of years.
PCO Solutions thinks that the world needs a paradigm shift on how we see CO2. We believe that CO2 shouldn’t be seen as waste product, but a valuable resource. PCO Solutions develops a CO2-to-fuel conversion technology that will turn the emissions into high-value resources like solar fuels and chemicals. Applying our proposed technology in industry opens up new possible revenue streams and renewables can benefit from novel way of energy storage.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Estonia

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  • Madis Pärn - Business Development, Magnus Lelumees - Customer Development, Ragnar Übner - R&D, Ülar Palmiste - Product Development

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