Pentagrama Agroflorestal

Business platform to make large-scale agroforestry replicable, scalable and profitable


Our solution is the result of technical knowledge accumulated over 20 years of research, development and implementation of large-scale agroforestry systems. Based on agriculture 4.0, we associate: mechanization, precision and biological agriculture, digital technology in production and data collection, analysis and software available to monitoring.
Our business model is based on a platform concept that connects stakeholders: investors, cooperatives (including family farming), rural owners, producers, distributors and buyers.
It is a 20-years financial model with minimum profitable area for implementation, system design, mapped market demands, pre-purchase agreements and land options for implementation.
The implantation is carried out in the “turn-key” format, from the pilot to adjust the initial modeling, through the transfer of know-how to management and improvement of the operation to allow replicability, scalability and profitability.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Brazil
  • 3

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  • Raul Monteiro Jr - Agroforestry Specialist; Marcia Mikai - Partnership And Comunication; Antonio Augusto Oliveira - Operation Management

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