PereGreen Recycling

"On the Spot" Recycling of Expired and Damaged Photovoltaics (PV)


PereGreen offers PV recycling to PV manufacturers and sells pre-sorted raw materials to recycling companies.
PereGreen’s beachhead market is Bavaria, Germany, where 13% of the global PV capacity is installed.
PereGreen solution is 75 times cheaper than legal fines, 92% cheaper than conventional disposal, and 50% cheaper than current competitors.
PereGreen’s fleet of trucks is specially modified to uninstall expired PV panels and pre-sort raw materials right on the PVs location.
PereGreen’s solution reduces carbon dioxide emissions in PV manufacturing by 35% and progressively reduces raw material usage in PV manufacturing.
PereGreen, with a cost at 42% of the net price per product, plans to turn a 4.2 Million € margin per year.
With reduced cost due to low overheads and an exponentially evolving new market, we believe that PereGreen can lead PV as well as other renewables recycling in EU

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Cyprus

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  • Vasileios Drakonakis - Executive Officer; Katerina Sofocleous - Technical Officer; Felix Hermerschmidt - Operations Officer

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