National First prize winner


Pikotech offers combined community scale sawmilling and bioenergy solutions


Pikotech offers affordable and efficient sawmilling and bioenergy solutions for remote pine forest owners in developing countries. Our beachhead markets are in rural areas of Tanzania and Nepal where there is development aid supported pine plantations in the community land and where people do not have access to reliable electricity. We have picked these markets as there are existing capacity building projects, we have strong personal networks and team members who have experience in working in these areas. Our solution is modified to work in local context by taking off extra high-tech functions and modifying component structure to enable local maintainability. We offer to our customers’ higher profits from the pine by increasing the conversion rate and we make money by sharing the profits with the local customers. Our climate impact is based on replanting, bioenergy plant ash use as fertilizer, replacing diesel in sawmilling and kerosene lamps in households.

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Finland

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  • Tatu Lyytinen, Business Development And Aditya Poudyal, Engineering

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