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e-marketplace for everyday use ecological products


As the world is adapting towards greener alternatives in major spheres of our lives whether mobility, food, or energy, this shift is also happening in everyday usage items.
Every three to six months there are new ecological products being made or innovated all across the world whether it is disposables from plant fibers or shoes from wastes / recycled materials.
Pipal target’s this broad sector of everyday usage items bringing them all into one platform, which intends to replace environment-damaging products with their eco-friendly alternatives ranging from bath scrubs, and toothbrushes to textiles (clothes/wears). A wide variety of eco-friendly products will be made available on the Pipal platform for retail customers of the Netherlands & rest of the EU and UK (upon expansion).

**If you are wondering about the name Pipal – It’s a tree that is considered probably to be the highest oxygen-producing tree in the world (also produces some amount of oxygen during the night).

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  • 2022 Participant
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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Lithuania
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  • Apurva Upadhyay - Founder

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