National Second prize winner

Planet Heat

Low-carbon environmental heat harvesting and cooling


It’s really difficult to extract energy from (or dump it to) surface water because that water is dirtier than it appears. Traditionally it has to be abstracted (requiring a licence) and centrifugally filtered before it can be used. Our new method removes the need for abstraction and filtration, extracting the heat from the surface water using a small, energy-dense, submersible device.
Over the past three years we have heated a real home using over 12 prototypes as proof-of-concept. We also have a published UK Patent Application (GB2553416A) and all the signs are that full scope of the claims will be granted.
Current markets are any home or small business within ~50m of a surface water asset, but as the product develops we see the device being used for cooling and for new applications such as boats.
We will make profit on collector sales, using our product will increase installer margin and the customer will be able to access current UK renewable heat tariffs.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • UK-Scotland

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  • Russell Gibb - Founder & Engineering, Dr. Stuart Ritchie – Business Development Advisor, Ingrid Ewan-McRae – Sales & Marketing Advisor, Jim Adams – IP & Lean Manufacturing Advisor, TBD – Financial Advisor.

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