Conversion of waste plastics into liquid fuels


End of life plastics (ELP) consist of plastics that cannot be easily or economically recycled. ELP is often landfilled, cauterized, extruded for cost or drained illegally. As a result of these issues, plastic pollution is obstructing our planet. Colossal plastic gyres now exist in everywhere, poisoning the surrounding and generating serious risk to human and ecosystem health. Proper management of ELP can reduce litter and protect environment. PlastoFuel company’s technology introduces accessible solutions by producing synthetic fuels from waste plastics. Our company’s technology allows us to reduce landfill volume. Feedstock of PlastoFuel company is made out of plastics with no market or commercial demand. The PlastoFuel Technology comprises the efficient and effective conversion of end of life plastics to alternative liquid transport fuels, like gasoline and diesel.

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Azerbaijan

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  • Vagif Abbasov, Doctor Of Chemistry (Chemist); Tarana Mammadova, Doctor Of Technical Sciences (Product Analyst); Rima Guliyeva (Chemical Engineer); Tunzala Imanova (Finance & Market Researcher)

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