Bio degradable polimers for 3D-printing manufactures


Polìpo aims to the development of plastic materials from renewable and biodegradable resources. Our proposal involves the use of fats and oils as a source for the production of totally biodegradable polymers with similar structure to polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA).
The main areas using this products are the Personal Care (50%) followed by packaging in the food industry (30%). Today, the PHA found considerable interest in the field of 3D printing market because it is used as an additive to polylactic acid.

The substitution of plastic derived from petroleum with a biodegradable ones presents two main advantages, the first is the reduction of environmental problems related to sea ecosystem, in which large quantity of material are disposed, and the second is the reduction of carbon dioxide emission because tons of organic material are used to produce bioplastic avoid being burned.


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  • Giuseppe Ferraro - Process Developer

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