National Second prize winner


We developed a modular, bioploymer-based pallet system that is equipped with IoT solutions.


The World is still using wood pallets for customized-size goods’ transports, which are used once and thrown away. In addition, using conventional pallet sizes, transport efficiency is reduced by up to 20% due to non-filled spaces during transport. This results in millions of Tonnes of unnecessary waste and GHG emissions every year! The status quo solution brings financial losses for companies up to 10% of their earnings.
We developed a smart solution with potential to decrease pallet costs by more than 90% and transport space usage inefficiencies by more than 85%! Traceability and modular design of our solution create the preconditions for circular economy and effective IoT solutions. It is a key enabler to physical internet initiatives.
We differentiate from the competition through our innovative (patented) concept, and unique flexibility. Ponera modules are intelligent, easy to use, reliable, have multiple safety features, and also reduce pallet weights by more than 30%.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Switzerland
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  • Masoud TALEBI AMIRI, Technology And IT. Matthew REALI, Business And Operations. Alexandra PILOIU, Marketing.

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