National Third prize winner


Green Technology for Ammonia Production


PrasinusTech produces an essential fertilizer component – ammonia – from residual waste resources. Conventional ammonia production involves utilizing fossil fuels. We use best available technology for the conversion of bio waste and thereby significantly reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from the production process. We provide on-site service for small- and medium sized agricultural businesses to produce fertilizer from their own waste, for their own use.
By not utilizing fossil fuels in our production process, we eliminate the fluctuating prices of ammonia, which are due to price of natural gas at the moment. Therefore we can provide our customers with fixed price, low-cost ammonia supply according to their need.

Our Founder’s Dream is to contribute to sustainable agriculture by providing greener fertilizers and thus giving our contribution to developing bio-based economy.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • The Netherlands

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  • Erki Ani, Geerco Coremans, Timea Marócsik, Balan Ramani

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