Prêt-à-Pack (PAP)

Re-inventing take away food packaging


Prêt-à-Pack is a lifestyle changing daily accessory that you won’t leave home without. In our co-effort attempt to reduce plastic waste, PAP is your bring your own, pack and go food container, aiming to reduce the use of single-use plastic containers and advocate positive change in consumers’ habit.
The idea is to turn a fundamental, uncomplicated concept, with ingenious design, to tackle current plastic waste problems. Our aim is to instill PAP and its concept into our everyday lives, for one day becomes a habit so natural that we will unconsciously diminish the use of single-use plastic, helping to unlock the issue of accumulating plastic waste on our planet.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
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  • Food
  • Portugal

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  • Yvonne Lim, Susana Ventura (Co-founders)

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