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We can feed the world & heal our planet


We eat everyday. Food is a basic need for sustenance. Due to increasing population and the competition for fresh water and land resources, we need to find more sustainable means to feed the 7 billion people now and many more to come.
Currently, fertilizers are one major method of increasing crop yield. However, the way in which fertilizers are commercially produced could be improved to avoid environmental damage from pollutant emissions.
Proteos has come up with a solution. We collect food waste from markets, schools, households restaurants, homes, social functions and produce organic fertilizers by decomposing these waste with using a nutrient recycling process. With the help of our organic fertilizer, crop yield not only increases but damaged soil is repaired over time. And oh…no greenhouse gases are produced throughout this process-our production process is 100% environmentally safe . We sell these fertilizers to close the gap between food waste and food production.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Ghana
  • 7

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  • Nana Yaa K.Ayim- Founder, Communications And Fundraising Lead; Huda Ibrahim- Research And Project Lead ;David Ohene-Asante- Finance & HR Administrator; Afua Asarebea Opare- Project Assistant (Innovation &Technology); Caleb Azindow-Operations And Technical Lead; Kelvin Andrew Ofori- Communications Assistant And Sales Assistant ;Joshua Martey - Production And Project Lead; David Dadson - Head Of Corporate Training And Sales

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