Pulpy Crisps

Healthy chips? Yes, it is possible!


Throughout our lives we have witnessed the need for healthy food, a real alternative to the fast food offered almost everywhere nowadays. We NEED a healthy choice!

There is also a high and growing consumption of natural resources and raw materials. However, they are not fully utilized, which in the food industry leads to the disposal of beneficial nutrients. This is also related to the outdated model of linear economy in the business where individual manufacturers  do not try to close their production chain but generate large amounts of waste.

This is why we created Pulpy Crisps – The healthy chips! Our crispy fruit and vegetable combinations, that have sweet and salty variations to match your taste, are the answer!


  • 2018

    Pulpy Crisps is a candidate for the Finals of the StartUp Europe Awards 2017 for Bulgaria in the category of "Gastronomy"

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food, Sustainable Land Use
  • Bulgaria
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  • Alexandra Nissimova – Founder And Marketing Manager; Veronika Koleva – Manufacturing And Biocontrol Of The Product, GPP; Nikolay Delev – Technical Maintenance Of The Production Line; Joe Davis Velchev – Product Developer And PR
  • www.pulpycrisps.com

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