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Develop a revolutionizing combustion engine with variable compression ratio


We focus on the development of a revolutionizing combustion engine we call Pulse.

Unlike an ordinary combustion engine, that controls its output by only changing the amount of air-fuel mixture injected inside the combustion chamber, Pulse has also the ability to control its compression ratio while it operates.

This way, Pulse can operate much more efficiently and offer its maximum torque or frequency instantly, without needing a complicated transmission system like a gearbox.

There are many applications of Pulse, like as a car engine, a turbine or a projectile launcher. But we will start from something small in order to penetrate the market.

We’ll start selling Pulse Motorcycles designed for everyday, urban transportation.

We will also include an additional refueling station that uses solar energy to produce hydrogen, the ideal fuel for Pulse. Thus, drivers will be able to refuel a motorcycle themselves within minutes, using solar energy without costs or CO2 emissions.

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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Cyprus
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  • Yiannis Alexopoulos (Founder, CEO, CTO), Giorgos Alexopoulos (Co Founder, Marketing Manager, PR Manager)

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