National First prize winner


Pyropower is a waste management, clean energy and carbon capture solution all in one.


We are bringing an innovative electric generator to the market. It works on organic waste, which can be agricultural waste for example, the generator converts this into electricity. The byproduct of the generator is biochar, a type of charcoal. Its our byproduct but a primary product in other industries, which makes it very valuable. To give some examples, biochar is used in fuel cell technology, in water treatment, and also as a soil conditioner in agriculture.
What differentiates this generator from other renewables is that it is carbon negative, since the carbon absorbed by the plants is stored in a stable form as biochar.

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  • The Netherlands
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  • Pietro Invenizzi (Business Developer), Marcel Kempers (Team Lead), Alessandro Simoneli (Project Engineer), Thomas Merdassi (Technical Manager)

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