National Second prize winner


The brand new app for green active mobility


Qirate is a navigator app especially designed for walking and cycling that helps urban citizens turning their personal mobility from a problem into a green solution, contributing to the quality of life in their city by reducing congestion and pollution and keeping them healthy and fit.

Forget about two only boring ways to retrieve routing information, cycling in the most polluted streets or walk into anonymous and unsecure neighbourhoods! Qirate disrupt the experience of the routes by letting choose between 10+ ways to move from A to B like: Green-Silence-Clean air-Shopping-Accessible-Sport-Secure-Panoramic-Monuments-Food and more to come! The alghorithm calculates not only the pedestrian-bikers-friendliness of streets but integrates user priorities, meteo information and intermodal connections.
Qirate is the personal assistant for the fastest, most sustainable and free way to move!


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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Italy

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  • Angela Corbari ( Project Manager, Naturalist& GIS expert, 10+yrs experience), Leonardo Dal Zovo (CTO, Software Analyst and Developer, Open&Big data Scientist, Fiware expert)

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