National Third prize winner

Quant Co

We democratize AI, to take it from ivory towers and make it accessible for all enterprises in energy


The electricity system is in the midst of a transformation, as technology and innovation disrupt traditional models from generation to beyond-the-meter and companies are facing with analytical problems caused by dizzying speed of digital disruption. Consumer behavior is going to be revolutionized by digital disruption and as residential level storage will become the part of everyday life, managing the customer expectations would be too complex to handle with conventional approaches. In such environment -fully distributed and highly competitive- benefiting from the power of AI is a must to survive, yet there is scarcity in talent who can truly embrace the dynamics of AI. Our ready-to-use and easy-to-integrate Machine Learning as a Service platform is democratizing the AI, putting powerful tools in the hands of developers incompetent in AI and solving the problem of managing residential level energy storage -problem too complex humans alone to solve- in order to capture real consumer value. Utilities, energy service providers and storage inventors can offer savings guaranteed services to their consumers with the help of our real-time machine learning solutions. We offer this product in a cost-effective and sharpish way for every single customer without creating any complexity.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Decision Metrics & Finance
  • Turkey

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  • Ihsancan Ozpoyraz (CEO), Ibraheem Mostafa (CTO), Joseph O'Connor (VP Engineering), Ismail Yaman (VP Sales And Finance), Baris Irmak (VP Growth)

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