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Quoin tackles the housing crisis by making sustainable homes affordable.


Quoin builds carbon neutral homes and offers them to first time buyers through our rent-to-deposit service that allows them to save their deposit while living in their home.

Using off-site construction, our homes are made in less than half the time and produce less than half the carbon footprint of a traditional home. We offset the remaining environmental impact by using sequestered carbon, sourcing our supplies locally, and implementing sustainable technologies which allow homeowners to live utilities free.

Our “rent-to-deposit” service is like a lease-to-buy car loan where customers establish ownership through monthly rent payments. By the end of the rental (or lease) agreement, they will save enough money to put a deposit on a traditional loan to fully fund their home and situate themselves on the property ladder.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • UK-Scotland

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  • Richard Murphy (Chief Executive Officer), Alexander Koveleski (Chief Financial Officer), Supraja Balasundaram (Chief Operating Officer), Federico Moro (Chief Marketing Officer), Alexandra Filimon (Chief Commercial Officer)

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