Rainergy produces electricity from the rainwater.


The Rainergy is the team of school students and physicists
who aims to harvest energy from the rainwater.
During the precipitation billions of gallons of the rainwater occurs over the
world. This has huge potential if utilized in right way. To solve this problem
Rainergy offers a smart generator which is designed to harvest energy from
the rain. The initial prototype of Rainergy produces 22 W of power and
lightens up to 22 LED lamps. While piezoelectric rain generators produce only
25 microwatt of power our model is much more efficient in comparison with
similar systems. Also it stores energy in the accumulator (with help of
batteries), so that it can be used even there is no rain at all. Moreover
Rainergy reduces the amount of CO2 emissions to 10 g per KW/ H during the
production of the electricity. This amount is very low compared to the other
current alternative energy solutions.

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Azerbaijan

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  • Reyhan Jamalova( CEO & Founder ),Zahra Qasimzade( COO & Product Designer ), Jeyhun Jabarov( CTO & Physicist ), Bakhtiyar Mammadli( CMO & Market Researcher )
  • rainergy.org

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