National First prize winner


From e-waste to high value materials


Recycling rate of electronic waste in Europe is only about 42%. Complex electronic products designs makes them difficult to recycle. Main metals such as silver and gold is main materials which makes recycling affordable and other materials secondary importance or no importance at all, leaving them in many case not recycled.

Re-start is developing technology which allows to recycle printed circuit boards and solar cells, the most complicated components from electronic products and solar modules into high value materials such as micro and nano materials. From recovered silver to silver nanopowder, from recovered silicon to silicon nanopowders, it increases their materials value from 10 to 100 times as nano sized materials has very unique properties and high demand for growing industry of nanotechnology.

Our focus is now production on silver nanopowders from e-waste and later on to produce various nanopowders from aluminium, copper, gold, silicon, etc.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Lithuania

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  • Tadas Radavičius - Sales. Agnė Šleiniūtė - Chemical Engineer. Julius Denafas - Business Development. Tamari Mumladze - Chemical Engineer. Maksym Tatariants - Chemical Engineer. Joeglen Robert - Process Engineer.

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