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We grow gourmet mushrooms on spent coffee grounds


We collect spent coffee from local cafes which we transport to local, urban microfarms. There we seed them & we grow gourmet mushrooms which we redistribute to local retail stores around the microfarm. We want to grow big, replicating the microfarms in any neighborhood, any city, and any country we want. Only 1% of coffee grounds are used to make up our drinks & the rest of it is thrown away in rubbish. The grounds are a precious medium to grow mushrooms. On the other hand mushrooms have to travel a great deal to end up in your dish. We want to bring locally grown, fresh produce to your home, with a 60% decrease in the Carbon footprint of its production. We are passionate about food & job security & we are a team of four aiming to make it work.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Greece

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  • Panos Drakoulis/ Marketing, Vasilis Priftis/ Business Development, Marianna Ralli/ R&D, Phil Christodoulou/ Agronomist

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