National First prize winner

ReHydrant Project

A tap that converts fire hydrants into drinking fountains


The idea was born when we were looking to design drinking fountains. We realised that fountains operate highly inefficiently due to varying ownership and maintenance.
We figured that the only reliable system present everywhere in the city is the infrastructure of fire hydrants. Our project is determined to rehydrate urban environments by converting these into easily usable drinking fountains.

Our idea is an environmentally conscious solution for providing water in emergency situations such as heatwaves. We are already adopting ReHydrant system for companies, individuals, but most of all to open air events.

The installation and operation is easy, fast and cheaper compared to a regular drinking fountain. The ReHydrant can be placed or removed with a single move in order to keep the original, fire protecting function of the hydrant.

We are architects who see the city through

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Hungary

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