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Remind provides solutions to recycle e-waste using environmentally friendly processes.


Remind, “Recycling Materials for Indonesia”, is initiated to solve problems of e-waste management through proper recycling process in Indonesia. Four main steps are conducted at Remind: collection, pre-treatment, metals recovery, and waste management. Currently, e-waste is collected from end-users and traders. We are conducting a campaign to increase public awareness to treat hazardous electronic waste. We encourage people to give their e-waste to Remind in exchange for money. The pre-treatment and metals recovery are done by using an environmentally friendly hydrometallurgical principle. In addition, we manage to prevent hazardous materials from being released into the landfill. We have demonstrated that our processes are economically beneficial to recover valuable metals, particularly gold, silver, palladium, and copper. Directed by a team consisting of metallurgical graduates with solid mineral and material processing backgrounds, we are confident to play a role in the global market

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  • M. Dzikri Ahira S. (Founder And CEO), Farrel Alvian Purnama (Co-Founder And COO), Deddy Chandra Nababan (Lead Researcher And CTO), Kurniawan (Researcher), M. Dzikra Ulya S. (Researcher), M. Gacya Poetra (Digital Strategist), Syahrussyam (Lead Maintenance), And Yanmildina (Lead Operator).
  • www.remind.co.id/

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